Monday, June 30, 2008

Vrooooom - the Harley-Davidson Museum

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Just two weeks until the opening of the new Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee. Having owned a couple of motorcycles in my time (OK, my first was a little step-through-frame Yamaha 50 cc bike, followed by a not-so-big Yamaha Twin Jet 100, but still), I'm putting this on my travel list.

From a marketing perspective, I think Harley's hefty multimillion-dollar investment in the museum will pay off in the long run. Lots of people who visit the museum will decide to finally go ahead and buy the Harley of their dreams; current owners will undoubtedly bring non-owners along for the ride and get them hooked on the brand. In the short run, even though summer is cycle season, this year's economic woes could be a drag on museum attendance.

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