Thursday, March 12, 2009

Crafts: Bright Spot in Dim Economy

Popping into Michael's or JoAnn's for batting, embellishments, and rotary cutter blades, the store traffic makes it clear that the craft business is alive and well. Entrepreneur confirms that crafting is doing fine despite the ailing economy.

In fact, at the arts marketplace, 100,000 independent craftspeople are selling crafts by, well, the basketful. The National Scrapbook Weekend draws hundreds of scrapbookers who swap tips, show off original designs, and enjoy each other's company as they put together keepsake photo and memorabilia albums.

The Craft & Hobby Association recently initiated Craft Night, encouraging people to gather with family and friends for a once-a-week craft evening. The CHA says "people can enjoy the financial, social as well as the emotional and extrinsic benefits of crafting, including sense of accomplishment, memory keeping, relaxation, and spending time with friends and family."

My hat (hand-embellished) is off to the CHA for a detailed explanation of the best reason crafts are doing well, which I can sum up in a word: FUN.

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