Monday, March 28, 2011

QR Moves into the Mainstream

Quick--which catches your eye first, the QR code or the Mini-Cooper?

QR (quick response) codes are moving into the mainstream. Commonplace in Japan, they're new and intriguing for US consumers--and that's part of the appeal. All you need is a smartphone and an app to decode the QR and locate the material it points to. The puzzle and the feeling of being "in the know" are part of the experience.

Macy's is using QR in its windows and in its stores, inducing customers to watch proprietary content such as videos showing celebrity designers at work. "It's one application that can speak to customers across so many vehicles," a Macy's exec told CNN. "QR codes are such a sensible way to send content with immediacy." Well said.

Home Depot is using QR to invite shoppers to check product reviews and do-it-yourself project guides while they're still in the store. This certainly boosts buyer confidence and reduces buyers' remorse.

QR codes on billboards are a growing trend. Point your smartphone or snap a photo and you can look up the info on your own schedule, interact with the brand at any time. Calvin Klein used QR to replace some racy billboards--now the content is "private" yet accessible via QR.

Where will QR pop up next?         
(PS - I've included a QR pointing to my UK marketing blog, see left column)

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