Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Insights from Big Companies and Customers

Searching for something else, I stumbled across Think with Google, the company's  wide-ranging thought leadership pages, which highlight "consumer trends, marketing insights, and industry research." This is a wonderful example of content marketing at work!

Right now, for example, Think with Google features (among other content) an infographic showing perceptions of first-time wireless customers, an analysis of brand consideration on the path to purchase, and an interview with GE's CMO, Beth Comstock. All intriguing, and all free, without registration.

Other big companies also present insights and track trends that can be helpful to marketers planning strategy and tactics, available free (sometimes requiring registration). The following list is just a small sample:
  • Deloitte & Touche's industry outlook. Whether you're looking ahead to this year's developments in the healthcare industry, power and utilities, consumer products, banking, or technology, Deloitte's experts have ideas to share.
  • PricewaterhouseCooper's industry research. Organized by industry, and supplemented by special reports that cut across industry lines, you'll find infographic snapshots and detailed analysis here.
  • Ernst & Young's insights. Its recent report on new opportunities for growth through globalization looks at specific areas (like the BRICs) and includes case studies of the NFL, Heathrow, and Tata Power.
  • Microsoft posts interviews and ideas. If you're a CIO, you might click to the enterprise Get Connected thought leadership pages, for instance.
  • American Express OPEN forum. Small businesses (and marketers that target small businesses) can find news, analysis, and links to relevant blogs on these pages.
  • KPMG industry outlook. Based on client surveys, see what the players see ahead for their industry this year and beyond.
  • IBM's expert perspectives and trend analyses by industry and by technology. From sustainability to smarter commerce, IBM's experts share their ideas and show how other companies have addressed key challenges.

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