Thursday, July 16, 2015

Aftermath of Amazon Prime Day

Seems that reaction to Amazon Prime Day was mixed: There were some big bargains, but not as big as on Black Friday. Naturally, Amazon put its own products front and center, and the limited quantities of promo-priced Kindles and other items sold out quickly.

Although social media lit up with Prime Day mentions, the number was far lower than Black Friday mentions on the day after Thanksgiving. Just as bad, sentiment was mixed--with a lot of posts expressing disappointment at the "garage sale" nature of many products featured for sale. Some social media mentions used the hashtag #PrimeDayFail to describe their disappointment.

Yet sales were definitely higher for Amazon, and the full-day promotion sparked higher awareness of Prime. One analysis shows that nearly half of Amazon's customers are Prime members--an estimated 44 million people who can click for the special deals, the free video streaming, the free Kindle library, and more.

So all in all, no matter what the critics say, Prime Day turns out to be a win for the now 20-year-old pioneer of online retailing. And you can be sure Amazon will learn from this year's experience and boost its bargains to a higher level next year.

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