Monday, August 9, 2010

The State of State Marketing

With so many consumers choosing staycations or close-to-home getaways instead of overseas summer travel, states are investing in marketing to attract visitors interested in unique experiences, beautiful vistas, or specific activities.

  • Michigan's campaign, Pure Michigan, focuses not on Detroit or industrial centers but, as you'd expect, on its "unspoiled nature and authentic character." The campaign includes the Web site plus social media such as a blog (vacationers are invited to "guest blog"), Twitter posts, YouTube videos, and Flickr photos.
  • Massachusetts tells vacationers: It's All Here. There's something for everyone (fun, romance, exploration, experiences, family time/activities, a bit of luxury, and play opportunities). Both Facebook and Twitter are part of this campaign.
  • Not the official campaign of New Jersey but worth mentioning is Jersey Doesn't Stink, which wants to counteract the negative perceptions that many vacationers have of this "Garden State." The campaign is on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube as well.
  • Hawaii showcases its alluring scenery to highlight its strength as a vacation destination on Go Hawaii. Each island has its own tab on the home page, and interestingly, Hawaii links to the independent TripAdvisor site, urging vacationers to "get advice from real travelers," a great way to let opinion leaders share their ideas and recommendations.
  • Louisiana wants to reassure vacationers that there are still many opportunities to enjoy the state's natural wonders, music, food, and more. In addition to videos, the official tourism site has an "update" section with the latest news about the oil spill. Social media connections include Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed, Vimeo, Flickr, blogging, and Youtube. The state has also created a mobile-friendly version of its tourism site for smartphone users. Very smart.

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