Friday, February 24, 2012

World Water Week, March 19-25

"A glass of tap water has the power to change the world." That's what the Unicef Tap Project says about World Water Week, when people pay $1 for a glass of tap water at a local restaurant--and the money is donated to Unicef to provide clean water to children worldwide. Tap water is usually free, but for this week in March, restaurant customers can donate and feel good about helping others get access to safe drinking water.

In addition to online web ads such as this, the Tap Project is being promoted through PSAs in magazines such as Time, through Twitter messages, with YouTube videos, and more.
Here's another of the print ads by Droga5, New York.

The project can't work without behind-the-scenes recruitment to sign up restaurants. Unicef has already begun training nearly 2,000 volunteers to visit U.S. restaurants nationwide. Watch for the Tap Project in your local restaurant during March.

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