Thursday, March 8, 2012

Nestle's "Not Kit Kat" Super-Premium Chocolates

Nestle has a new line of customized luxury chocolates--and these are not your everyday, average Kit Kat bars (one of Nestle's top global brands).

Instead, Swiss-made Maison Cailler chocolates serve as a journey into your Chocolate Personality. The process begins when you read about the Maison Cailler chocolates, look at all the luscious photos on the Web site or the Facebook page, and order a sampler to taste.

Now comes the personalization part: You go to the Maison Cailler site and rate each chocolate in the sampler box, also noting whether you like to discover "exciting flavors" such as spices in your chocolate. With a click, you'll know your choco personality and you can then order boxes of premium chocolate specially selected for your preferences.

Not at all like Kit Kat, which has just introduced a new chunky peanut butter flavor, below (based on the results of a public vote).

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