Thursday, May 10, 2012

Segmenting "Connected Customers"

IBM recently presented the results of its worldwide "digital" segmentation study, grouping "Connected Customers" not by consumer demographics (such as age or income) but according to how, why, and how often these individuals use the Internet/mobile devices/etc. Its study identified four distinct segments:
  • Efficiency Experts (41% of Connected Customers) use digital technology to get things done--sending e-mails instead of snail mail, for instance, or shopping online simply because it's quick and easy.
  • Content Maestros (35%) are heavy users of apps and digital devices for accessing content, content, content.
  • Social Butterflies (15%) see digital tech as a way to stay in constant touch with friends and family, from anywhere at any time.
  • Content Kings (9%) focus on accessing online entertainment and games via digital devices--and, yes, this segment is primarily male.
What does this mean for marketing planning? IBM understands that behavioral segmentation can offer extremely useful insights about what customers want and how to reach customers in a meaningful way. As one example, Content Kings might be more responsive to marketing promos presented in a game-like format, whereas Efficiency Experts might prefer a summary e-mail about upcoming discounts or product intros.

Do you know how connected your customers are, and how they use digital tech?

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