Friday, June 1, 2012

Celebrating with Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II is throwing a Diamond Jubilee party and the world's invited! She became queen 60 years ago, during the post-war era, and celebrations this weekend will range from official events throughout London (a star-studded concert, flotilla on the Thames, etc) to unofficial celebrations thousands of miles away.

Of course, the Jubilee year has only added to London's attractiveness as a travel destination in 2012, because the Olympic Games will be held there starting on July 27.

Marketers in North America are also celebrating the Diamond Jubilee in their own ways. Virgin Atlantic Airways is putting on a party in New York City's Union Square, asking the mayor to rename it Union Jack Square in honor of the UK flag. If you're in Naples, Florida, you can go to high tea or enjoy a pub crawl. Look around your area for a Jubilee celebration! Congratulations to the Queen.

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