Friday, September 14, 2012

21st Century Trade Shows

Virtual trade show
Trade shows are still alive and well, bringing B2B marketers together with customers in person or online. 

Marketing Profs recently ran an insightful article summarizing why businesspeople attend trade shows. The top reason, of course, is to see what's new. Here are the main reasons, from most cited to least cited:
  1. See new goods and services.
  2. Collect information for planning purposes.
  3. Gather ideas on near-term trends and changes for decision-makers to consider.
  4. Meet with experts.
  5. Meet with people who can "make things happen."
  6. Meet people with common interests.
  7. See friends and travel to interesting places.
Not everyone visits a trade show in person. One growing trend is toward virtual trade shows that take place online. For example:

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