Friday, December 28, 2012

New Year, New Super Bowl Ads

The calendar hasn't even turned 2013, the NFL playoffs haven't begun, but already Super Bowl advertising is in the air.

Just for the record, Super Bowl XLVII will be played in New Orleans on February 3rd, at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Of course, Mercedes-Benz will air ads during the game.
As of yesterday, Ad Age reports that only a handful of ad spots remain to be sold. Many of the 2012 advertisers are returning for 2013. Remember, at nearly $4 million per spot--not to mention the cost of production and talent--big money is at stake. That's why I'm wondering about these advertisers:
  • Gildan is seeking the spotlight for its inhouse Gildan brand of athletic apparel. Gildan thinks big: It sponsored the New Mexico Bowl this month (see left) and also holds a Guinness Book record for the world's largest T-shirt. Can it make a distinctive brand name in an industry dominated by deep-pocketed rivals?
  • SodaStream will promote its make-your-own-soda product, with a 30-sec ad likely to be a retooled version of its controversial UK campaign. Considering that Coca-Cola is going to air multiple commercials, SodaStream may have difficulty breaking through. It also has to convert attention into interest, positive attitudes, and sales.
  • Best Buy will air a 30-sec ad. Last year it featured innovators of the mobile industry, instead of well-known celebrities. Considering the retailer's challenging situation, I hope it will promote a USP (remember that concept? unique selling proposition) that differentiates it from competitors, particularly Amazon. Otherwise, as the Wall Street Journal observes, it may not be able to survive the showrooming effect.

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