Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sample Marketing Plan: Sonic 3D+ SecurePhone

Cell phones have certainly changed since the original "brick" phone was introduced in 1984 (you can see in this photo how big and heavy it was).

Fastforward to smartphones, which make up nearly half of all new mobiles sold worldwide. Samsung has become a real competitor to Apple's iPhone juggernaut, a rivalry that is boosting innovation and giving customers a lot to cheer about.

To go with the new edition of my Marketing Plan Handbook, I updated the abbreviated sample marketing plan to focus on a highly fictional 3D smartphone with special security technology. You can see this sample plan on the book's companion website.

Although the features I created for this fictional phone will likely be seen in real phones within months, the real point of posting the plan is to show the structure and content of a sample marketing plan (minus so many of the financial details). Please take a look!

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