Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lowe's Goes Social and Mobile

Lowe's, the second-largest US home improvement retailer, has more than 5.8 million Pinterest followers as of today. Visitors to its Pinterest page are greeted by this heading: “We're Lowe's and we never stop pinning!”

Customers who are readying for a kitchen or bathroom makeover, thinking about gardening season, or planning another home improvement project can find ideas and inspiration on the 40 Lowe's Pinterest boards and 1600+ pins. Isn't that an excellent way to use Pinterest for marketing?

Lowe's is doing more and more with social, mobile, and digital marketing. For instance, one of several Lowe's apps offers instant access to its free digital Creative Ideas magazine, a great way to add value for customers who are at home or in the store with their tablet computers or phones.

Click to Lowe's Facebook page (which has more than 2.2 million likes) and you can see more photos, home improvement ideas, links to promoted products, and links to photo posts on Instagram, where Lowe's has almost 3000 followers.

Yes, Lowe's tweets--early and often. It has 80,000+ followers and 10,000+ tweets. And here's something I especially like: On its Twitter banner, Lowe's says: “Got a complaint, compliment or question? Let us know!” In other words, Lowe's invites customers to join the conversation and speak up about what they like and don't like, or ask for more information.

Lowe's latest ad campaign is cross-platform, on TV and online. The digital ads are keyed to the weather and appropriate home improvement or gardening projects that start with a shopping trip to Lowe's. Watch for more social and mobile marketing ahead.

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