Friday, November 21, 2014

Intel + Big Bang Star = Smart Brand Marketing

Intel is about to launch a clever campaign featuring Jim Parsons, known for playing the part of super-nerd Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory since the TV show's debut

Parsons is a well-liked, high-profile sit-com star with Broadway chops. This is congruence of the highest order--pairing a smart guy who plays a smart character with a brand that has a cutting-edge image. Since Parsons has no other big-brand endorsement deals, his involvement with Intel will have more resonance.

Intel's RealSense Technology is part of the company's drive to power the future of computing and mobile devices. Rather than bore audiences with technical stuff, Intel wisely decided to let likeable Jim Parsons be impressed by the amazing things the technology can help users accomplish.

Intel has a lot of experience with "ingredient branding," from its many years of "Intel Inside" marketing to get consumers to ask for PCs with Intel microprocessors. This newest campaign will have all the usual social media components, YouTube and Twitter and beyond. Can't wait to see what else Intel has up its sleeve for Jim Parsons!

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