Monday, February 2, 2015

Super Bowl 49: Only a Few Super Ads

The Patriots pulled off a stunning final-seconds victory over the Seahawks. But what about the commercials?

Well, very few were as exciting or as engaging as the sports battle on the field.

USA Today's Ad Meter indicates that the most popular ad was (no surprise) Budweiser's heartwarming story of the puppy saved by the Clydesdales. The ad has already attracted tens of millions of YouTube views, in addition to its gigantic TV audience.

Among the ads not so lauded: Toenail fungus fighter.

Speaking of puppies, the pregame counterprogramming show Puppy Bowl has become a favorite on Animal Planet. The original version had a measly $80,000 budget but lots of heart, not to mention lots of adorable puppies from shelters, awaiting adoption. This year's version had a much bigger budget and lots of different animals--all adorable, of course, drawing an audience across demographic groups.

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