Monday, June 29, 2015

Ikea's Marketing Research Leads to Wireless Recharging Products

Sweden's Ikea is known for marketing research, studying thousands of consumers in each target country so it can design stylish, affordable, assemble-at-home furniture to meet their needs (stated and unstated).

The company recognizes that people want to be able to conveniently recharge all kinds of digital devices without tangled wires snaking around furniture. So now it's launched a line of wireless charging furniture, including the lamp shown above. Here's Ikea's description of this new product line:

Charge where you are

With our range of wireless chargers, keeping your phone charged has never been easier. They blend in beautifully with your home, and can easily be placed where you need them the most. All without having to chase after outlets or hide messy cables.

So far, product reviews are mostly positive. The iPhone doesn't fit the Qi recharging standard that Ikea's using, but the retailer sells some iPhone cases that are workarounds.

And given the DIY nature of Ikea's assemble-at-home products, it's not surprising that customers can also buy the recharging "spots" and a tool for drilling just the right hole to install a "spot" in existing furniture.

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