Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Coca-Cola Goes Freestyle for the Touch-Screen Generation

Introduced last year, Coca-Cola's Freestyle is a sleek, high-tech, self-serve vending machine for the touch-screen generation. (The above photo, downloaded from Coca-Cola's Freestyle media pages, shows how the machine echoes many of the iconic brand's visual elements, a smart marketing move.)

What's new about the Freestyle?
  • It can mix and dispense 106 different soft drinks on demand, customized to each buyer's individual preferences.
  • It's no larger than a conventional vending machine, which translates into more revenue productivity in the same space.
  • Its innovative touch-screen technology appeals to customers who enjoy interacting with cutting-edge gadgets.
  • It communicates customer buying patterns to the restaurant or venue where the machine is located, which helps in planning for future demand and ordering supplies on time.
My Google search for "Coca-Cola Freestyle" turned up more than 500,000 results, a lot of coverage and comments. As the Freestyle is rolled out across the country, it captures media attention and turns heads in venues where it's installed. For more about how the Freestyle looks and works, see this CNBC video segment.

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