Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back to School: Marketing Locker Decor

Today's tweens and teens love to personalize everything--including their school lockers. Decorations for lockers are trendy these days, and a small but growing number of marketers have targeted this niche. This is the busy season, of course, and the companies are gearing up for their share of the market. Check any Target store or a local Hallmark and you'll see locker decor in the back-to-school section.

Some of these marketers are even inviting students to do a virtual mix 'n match of accessories and create their dream locker interior before buying.

For example:
  • PB Teen has a locker decoration design site, one of several design tools specifically for back-to-school buying.
  • Locker Lookz, which specializes in locker accessories, has a design site that allows users to choose between complete decor packages and one-at-a-time design.
  • LuvUrLocker (above) has a drag-and-drop design tool to show how rugs, lights, and other decorations look together.

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