Saturday, August 11, 2012

Marketing Microcreameries: It's All about Flavor

Part 2 of my series on marketing ice cream looks at the unusual and attention-getting flavors that artisanal microcreameries are offering. Some are locavore, some exotic, all designed for ice-cream (and gelato) lovers who want something new and novel. I admire their innovation and imagination.

How's a small sample from coast to coast. Enjoy!
  • Gelato Fiasco in Portland, Maine--just celebrating its 5th anniversary--makes Kahlua gelato and other fun flavors.
  • Salt & Straw in Portland, Oregon is known for tasty, farm-fresh ice creams combining ingredients like citra hops and apricots.
  • Sweet Republic in Scottsdale (see photo) makes honey blue cheese ice cream plus other flavors available at its own store and at a handful of local Whole Foods stores.
  • Frozen Pints in Atlanta makes craft beer ice cream in flavors like Pumpkin Ale.
  • Humphry Slocombe in San Francisco offers oolong ice cream, salted black licorice ice cream and other treats for adventurous palates.

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