Friday, April 19, 2013

Earth Day 2013

Companies, communities, and individuals are working to save the planet by promoting recycling, preventing deforestation, or finding other ways to conserve natural resources on April 22, Earth Day--and beyond.
  • The Earth Day Network is hosting "A billion acts of green" to encourage involvement in earth-saving activities. More than 1 billion "acts of green" have already been registered, so the goal is now 2 billion acts. Earth Day Network has 114,000+ Facebook likes.
  • Austin, TX is putting the spotlight on sustainability, with the theme "Earth Consciousness Raising." The centerpiece is a family festival this Saturday, featuring earth-friendly exhibits, music, local food, edutainment for kids, and an invitation to bring electronics for responsible recycling.
  • The Baltimore Ravens football team is putting into action its "sacks for seeds" campaign, in which the team received a donation of a tree for each sack it made on an opposing team's quarterback during the 2012 season. The trees will be planted on Earth Day.
  • Disney World is marking Earth Day by celebrating the 15th anniversary of the opening of its Animal Kingdom. Animals and nature will be the focus of these Earth Day activities.
  • NASA is posting awe-inspiring photo essays showing our planet from the air, featuring everything from glaciers to storm clouds. The unusual vantage point on Planet Earth reminds us of the importance of working together to keep our home planet safe. 
  • The EPA is inviting submissions of photos for its Environment Photo Project, hosted on Flickr. The goal is to get many views of the state of the environment, showing how specific places have changed over time, culminating in a "time capsule" collection of photos.
All weekend and into next week, expect to see all kinds of Earth Day events and information. As the Environmental Protection Agency urges: "Make every day Earth Day."

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