Monday, April 15, 2013

Tax Day's Marketing Allure

April 15th means tax day to Americans . . . but to many food marketers, it's also a good hook for marketing. Here are a few of the fun food promotions linked to today's deadline for filing U.S. tax returns:
  • Cinnabon (with nearly 1 million Facebook likes) is making the day sweeter with two free bun bites.
  • Bruegger's has a $10.40 special on a baker's dozen of bagels, with a coupon downloaded from its Facebook page. In 2012, the bagel chain sold 10,000 of these special deals--quite a good response.
  • Arby's has a giveaway of free curly fries (with downloadable coupon) plus a cash prize drawing to take the sting out of tax day.
  • Boston Market's "We Love the IRS" campaign includes cash giveaways until April 30th. Plus today only, it's offering a $10.40 special on two rib meals.
Meanwhile, Massachusetts residents are celebrating Patriots' Day with a parade, the Boston Marathon, and more.

One week from today is Earth Day, an entirely different kind of marketing occasion!

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