Thursday, December 11, 2014

Vinyl's Amazing Comeback

Over the years, technological advances in music recording almost made vinyl LPs disappear. Yet vinyl has made an amazing comeback, despite the ubiquitous availability of downloadable music.

By the time 2014 is over, 8 million LPs will have been sold--making this the best year for vinyl sales in quite a while. Black Friday was a banner day for vinyl, second only to Record Store Day in LP purchasing.

Nostalgia is one reason for the comeback. Another is tangibility: LPs come with jackets and liner notes, artwork and written material. Yet another reason is sound quality.

Independent stores are profiting from the comeback, as well. Much of the inventory they carry is used (pre-owned, vintage, etc). Yet big-box stores are also riding this wave, selling new vinyl issues of old LP content. And bands that have loyal fan followings are reissuing LPs in special collections to satisfy demand--and extend the product life cycle.

Will vinyl's comeback continue in 2015?

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