Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Most and Least Popular US Companies, 2014

First, the bad news: The most unpopular U.S. company, according to recent research by the American Customer Satisfaction Index, is . . .

. . . can you guess?


Time-Warner Cable. In this survey, Time-Warner Cable scored a measly 54 out of 100.

Now for the good news: The most popular company, according to the same index, is . . .

Yes, it's Amazon, the ubiquitous e-tailer, which scored 88 out of 100 on the survey.

This has been a good holiday season for Amazin' -- oops, Amazon -- because it's improved its delivery speed, for one thing. Also, 10 million consumers tried out the Prime offering (you know, free 2-day shipping for a $99/yr fee). And thanks to that, Amazon says consumers saved a whopping $2 billion in shipping fees they might otherwise have paid.

Plus mobile shopping on Amazon is way up, certainly due to showrooming and also due to a general increase in shopping on-the-go with tablet computers and smartphones.

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