Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Under Armour in March Madness Spotlight

March Madness is underway, and it's not just a battle on the basketball court--it's also a battle for brand preference and, ultimately, market share.

Under Armour has a full-court press on marketing, looking to gain on Nike's commanding market lead. In fact, Adweek says Nike shoes are on 43 of the 68 teams originally in the tournament. By comparison, BusinessWeek says Under Armour shoes are on 6 teams, a new high for the brand.

Although Under Armour has only been active in the athletic shoe market for a decade, it has aggressively courted teams to put its shoes in the spotlight during championships. Some top seeds will have UA on their shoes. And that translates to a lot of media exposure for the brand, because public interest in the brackets is higher than ever. How will UA's teams do? And how will UA do as a brand?

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