Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Nordstrom's Legendary Customer Service

The most recent American Customer Satisfaction Index survey of retail satisfaction put Nordstrom's at the very top of US store retailers. In fact, the department store's score went up even as other retailers' scores went down. It's not hard to understand why people love Nordstrom's.

The department store has long been known for personalized service with a smile and style, winning long-term customer loyalty. It's also one of the most admired businesses in America.

Customers can return stuff with no questions asked. Sales professionals know what regular customers want and like--and they're proactive about contacting customers when new merchandise or promotions are in the offing.

E-commerce is a Nordstrom's priority, with big investments this year for multichannel marketing. And when mobile or online customers want to chat with customer service, Nordstrom's has various specialists standing by to chat, live, with just a click.

Social media savvy? Of course: 3 million Facebook likes, 563k Twitter followers (not counting followers of its multiple accounts), and 4.4 million Pinterest followers--a must for fashionistas.

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