Saturday, June 27, 2009

Energy Drinks and Targeting

Now that Rockstar energy drinks will be distributed by Pepsi instead of Coca-Cola, I guess all the vending machines that sell it (like this one in Massachusetts) will be pulled or get new front panels.

Did you know that Rockstar is #3 in volume within the energy drink market, according to Beverage Digest? Red Bull is, surprisingly, #2 and Monster, which Coca-Cola will be distributing, is #1.

New entry in energy category: Shots like 5-Hour Energy, a drink in 2 oz. mini-bottles that gives the same "jolt" as a big can of energy drink. Adults are the company's target market, according to the creative director of 5-Hour Energy's parent company, who says this about the competition:

"If you look at the canned energy drink array out there, if you look at the names, if you look at the graphics on the cans, it’s obvious who they have in mind for this —- teenage boys. I have teenage boys at home, and they’re the last people on Earth who need more energy.”

Looking at the Rockstar vending machine, it does appear that the target is younger people. Is it glamorous to get a shot of energy from drinking Rockstar? Still, the location of this vending machine might suggest that the target is anyone who wants to stay awake while driving on the turnpike. I'll stick to non-energy drinks, thank you.

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