Sunday, September 20, 2009

Top 100 Global Brands

As reported in BusinessWeek and Marketing magazine, Interbrand has released its annual ranking of the top 100 global brands.

Coca-Cola remains at the top of the list for 2009, exactly where it has been for the past 9 years. The next four slots are occupied by the same companies that were #2, #3, #4, and #5 in 2008: IBM, Microsoft, GE, and Nokia. Of the top 10 on the Interbrand list, 8 are US corps and 2 (Nokia and Toyota) are based elsewhere.

In the top 10, Google enjoyed the biggest increase in brand value, according to Interbrand's calculations. Its 25% increase brought it from #10 in 2008 to #7 in 2009. Yet Google could also face anti-trust issues as it continues to grow so quickly, BW notes.

The Interbrand site has more analysis and detail, including a complex interactive chart tracking companies in the past decades' listing.

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