Friday, June 18, 2010

Marketing McDonald's in Northern Europe

Visiting Northern Europe, I passed (and even entered) a number of busy McDonald's locations. Above is a removable frequent-buyer card that McDonald's Stockholm has on the back of each coffee cup. Buy 4 McD's coffees, get one free--a very generous rewards program, and easy to use.

Below you can see the international look of the coffee cup itself, which is in use all over Europe. It also has the "I'm lovin' it" slogan that I saw in or outside every McD unit.

Below is the McDonald's on a busy street corner in Tallinn, Estonia. Although the Golden Arches are visible, they don't dominate the look of the building, happily. Note the "I'm lovin' it" umbrellas for outside dining! No official McD's web site for Estonia, by the way.

The unit in downtown Helsinki had a Finnish "open/close" sign (at left in photo) and the red "I'm lovin' it" English-language banner (at right).

Although this unit wasn't making a big deal of it, the McDonald's Finland web site is currently featuring special edition Coca-Cola glasses. This promo was also going on in the Danish McD's units. Note the "I'm lovin' it" above the Copenhagen McD's, below.

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