Friday, January 18, 2013

Rent the Runway Goes Pop-Up

If you're shopping for a gown for next week's Inaugural Balls, you still have time to visit Rent the Runway's pop-up shop at LivingSocial in Washington, D.C. (at 918 F Street). For an $8 fee, you get a personal consultation with a stylist, a tote-bag, and time to browse the most popular high-fashion dresses and accessories for immediate rental.

Rent the Runway is one of a growing number of rental sites where men and women can have temporary use of clothing, diamonds, and other high-end items for a reasonable price.

Rent the Runway will send your choice of clothing and accessories to you by mail (in two sizes to ensure proper fit). You also get return postage paid, all at a rental fee that's a fraction of the selling price. Want to try a new look or a new designer? Rent the Runway offers an affordable solution. And it's social, with 141,000 Facebook likes plus 34,000 Twitter followers.

TechCrunch calls it "the Netflix for designer clothes." These technophiles are especially enthusiastic about a new tool that allows users to "Find Women Like Me" and see how fashions would look on someone of a similar height, weight, and build.

Fast Company says that Rent the Runway is "servicizing" the product--providing online access to feel-good fashion experiences that will impress friends. It's not a purchase, it's a service.

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