Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Super Bowl Ad Preview 2014

Bruce Horowitz at USA Today observes that nostalgia is a theme of many Super Bowl ads this year. He's right--but it's nothing new. Remember the little kid in a Darth Vader costume in that popular VW ad two years ago? How about those sentimental favorites, the Clydesdales, frequent Bowl visitors? Nostalgia rules, especially when advertisers are targeting an audience of 100 million viewers.

Sentimental ads rule as well: The Budweiser "Puppy Love" commercial has attracted more than 23 million views with three days to go until it officially airs on Super Bowl Sunday.

Before the Seahawks meet the Broncos in New Jersey (weather will be as big a news item as the pregame media blitz, IMHO), here are a few of the Super Bowl advertisers for 2014. Many teasers and ads are already on YouTube and on media outlets, building buzz so viewers will be excited to watch during the Big Game.
  • Volkswagen is nostalgic for Baywatch and more.
  • Chobani is thinking "bears," but not teddy bears.
  • Axe says: "Make love, not war."
  • Jaguar is making its Bowl debut with some dapper villains.
  • Heinz, now under new ownership, is splashing out with its second Bowl ad ever.
And don't forget Skittles, the confetti of choice for rewarding the Seahawk's Marshawn Lynch. No Bowl ads for Skittles needed: It will receive lots of free publicity on Super Bowl Sunday, courtesy of Lynch's well-known Skittles sweet tooth.

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