Thursday, June 12, 2014

High Popularity + High Momentum = Superstar Brand

The agency Leo Burnett recently conducted research into how popularity and momentum affected consumer perceptions of 50 UK packaged-goods brands. Marketing Week's article about the study explains that in ranking the brands by these two criteria, Leo Burnett slotted them into four categories:
  • Superstars are both the most popular and the brands with the most momentum in the positive direction, comparing perceptions 10 years ago with perceptions today. Ben & Jerry's heads this list, followed by Red Bull.
  • Rising Stars are less popular than Superstars but have positive momentum. Eat Natural and Innocent are the top UK brands in this category, says Leo Burnett.
  • Settled Greats are, as the title implies, great brands that have been great for some time but lack a lot of momentum, such as Cadbury and Coke.
  • Former Glories were once great but are now less popular and have less momentum. Here, the two top names are UK brands Bovril and Marmite, according to Leo Burnett.
Clearly, brand equity is at stake, and the marketing stakes are high. So how can a brand provoke a surge in popularity and rise to Superstar status?

Leo Burnett cites these five attributes as drivers of super-popularity: (1) affinity (do consumers trust the brand and feel connected to it?), (2) visibility (is the brand highly visible in everyday life and 'top of mind' recall?), (3) differentiation (does the brand personality stand for fun or innovation?), (4) integrity (is the brand transparent?) and (5) longevity (is the brand enduring?).

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