Saturday, May 16, 2015

Content Marketing, IKEA Style

Now that IKEA sells online and offers delivery to home or office, customers have even more reasons to visit its website.

And IKEA also knows that certain life events trigger the need to buy furniture and housewares, including a move from one residence (or office) to another. Using behavioral segmentation is a lot harder than using demographic or geographic segmentation--but also has more potential for precise targeting and higher response.

So IKEA offers content marketing to serve this very valuable segment of the market, including a series of useful checklists to help consumers plan, implement, and follow up their moving day. ("Get the party essentials" is a five-item checklist for a housewarming party.)

IKEA also offers a money-saving coupon to consumers who are willing to share information about their move, including old and new addresses. Very smart way to get the most current info possible on customers who are interested enough to share data.

In Canada, IKEA held a "Moving Day" promotion three years ago in which it gave away moving boxes for free. As an added bonus, each box had a special offer for a meatball dinner. "At IKEA, we aim to interact with our customers in a way that is meaningful to their lives, while having some fun," the PR director said of this promotion, which won a Gold Effie.

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