Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Microsoft Markets the Launch of Windows 10

Not known for giving much away, Microsoft is introducing the long-awaited new Windows 10 operating system as an upgrade freebie (for now). Ultimately, Win 10 will be in place across platforms, so users don't have to learn new systems for each product.

One obvious result is that current Windows users are more likely to upgrade to Win 10, a major consideration at a time when some PC users are considering changing to Apple products because of their good experiences with the iPhone, the iPad, and other well-known products. Another result is that PC sales--currently stalled while users await reviews of Win 10--should begin to edge upward for the back-to-school and holiday shopping seasons.

Free means users have an opportunity to experience all the bells and whistles without financial risk. And Microsoft is playing up the user-friendly aspects of Win 10, including Windows Hello (facial recognition as a security feature) and Microsoft Edge (a new Internet browser that could reignite the browser market-share wars).

Microsoft thoroughly tested this new OS with more than 5 million beta testers, and decided to roll it out around the world, with launch events on every continent. From Beijing to Berlin, New York to Nairobi, engineers who worked on Win 10 will meet with fans and discuss the new features and benefits. Of course the 20 million Windows fans on Facebook already know some of the details from frequent posts.

Will Windows 10 gain rapid acceptance and diffusion among users? Will it polish Microsoft's reputation for user-friendly innovation? We'll have to give the new OS time and see how reviewers and users react in the coming months.

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