Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Micro-Moments and Mobile Marketing

It's official: When we want to check a price, find a coupon, or search for reviews, we use the ubiquitious smartphone more often than a desktop computer or tablet computer. These are "micro-moments" of consumer behavior when we have a need or want, seek information, or plan to buy--at that instant. And a large percentage of local searches using mobile devices results in a purchase.

All of which makes these micro-moments key opportunities for mobile marketing. 
  • Simply anticipating and having a presence ready for consumers who search on the spur of the moment can help a brand or product move into the consideration set
  • Planning marketing tactics that are quick and to the point for mobile interaction can be of benefit to consumers and brands.
  • Think of the customer's needs, wants, preferences and do what makes sense for them in their context. In that micro-moment, customer-friendly marketing makes the difference!
  • Speed is critical. If a marketing site doesn't load or a marketing app doesn't work in a micro-moment, consumers will move on.

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