Sunday, May 9, 2010

How Long Will Silly Bands Last?

The silly band fad has been spreading across America for almost a year. School kids trade them, wear them as bracelets, use them as status symbols. Silly Bandz, ZanyBandz, and others make the bands in many shapes, with new competitors jumping on the bandwagon as quickly as they can.

"It's totally viral," one mother told the NY Times. And it's true: Kids are showing off their collections on YouTube, as you can see if you do a quick "video" search, word of mouth in action at the grass-roots level.

Area by area, the fad is taking over the country, sending children and adults to local stores, or online (eBay for instance), for new shapes or colors that aren't yet in wide circulation. The price is low ($5 or less for 24) and if you haven't seen these yet, keep your eyes open.

Yes, I went to the local dollar store and picked up two packs of tie-dye sea-dino bands for a young relative. Of course, his school has banned them, but he can trade after school and around the neighborhood. Just in time for Memorial Day, I found packs of patriotic bands too.

How quickly will silly bands last? Will they be this year's pet rock?

UPDATE: Three weeks later, silly bands are still sweeping the nation. In fact, the Silly Bandz brand may be featured as a float in a future Macy's parade. Another update: T-shirts featuring silly bands can be seen here.

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