Thursday, May 20, 2010

Zappos Wows with Service

Although I'd heard about the legendary service at Zappos, I hadn't experienced it first-hand until last week.

During a purchase and later an exchange, I was impressed not only by the variety of choices on the site but also by the knowledge and friendliness of the Zappos employees I spoke with (yes, I used old-fashioned phone calls to discuss the shoes and the return procedure).

Also impressive: Zappos followed up with an e-mail to ask about my reaction to the phone rep I'd talked with.

Here's the survey in its entirety, sent by a Customer Loyalty Lead:

>>Do you remember your conversation with _____ from
>> a. Yes, it was awesome
>> b. Yes, but vaguely
>> How would you rate the service you received? Please elaborate if possible.
>> a. Fantastic - I wish I could speak with _____ every time I have to call Zappos
>> b. Standard - This is the service I receive whenever I contact a company's customer service
>> Do you have any points of feedback regarding your call/conversation with ____ from Please list details.
I responded with comments and specifics and got another note thanking me for participating in the survey. No wonder Zappos is known for its service--every detail counts.

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