Monday, May 10, 2010

Kit Kat with Corn? Yes

Kit Kat with corn or soy sauce? In Japan, Nestle has introduced some unusual chocolate bars to cater to the craze for seasonal/limited edition foods.

Corn--often added to Japanese salads and other dishes--is the star of one Kit Kat bar, shown above. Below it is a seasonal Kit Kat featuring red beans, production limited to spring and fall.

This morning, National Public Radio discussed Kit Kats in Japan and concluded that the craze is fueled by the intense competition between convenience stores, not just consumer interested in variety. Limited edition bars are also introduced for national holidays and for special sports events.

Because not every variety is available in every location, Nestle's marketing encourages shoppers to buy Kit Kats when they travel around Japan and bring them home as gifts or souvenirs. Clever marketing!

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