Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Audible Ad Hits the Marketing Bull's Eye

IMHO, this magazine ad by Audible is so right for the target audience in so many ways. During the past week, I encountered this print ad in The New Yorker and in the New York Times Book Review.

How does it hit the bull's eye? Let me count the ways:
  • The creative cleverly conveys to the audience: hey, this ad is about something otherworldly that you can listen to via earbuds and your digital device. And of course, those earbuds are white--a subtle nod to those sophisticated Apple iPod ads from a few years ago (see above right).
  • The copy reinforces the message about sci-fi audiobooks and adds its own clever twist: "for when you're teleporting to work." Readers can't help but smile and appreciate the humor (or irony, depending on your viewpoint).
  • A free sample! And one that comes with a built-in tracking code so Audible can determine where you saw its ad. Great for metrics that help the company make informed choices about where to allocate its media budget.
  • Two choices for downloads--Apple App Store and Google Play, for Android. Plus in small print, a notation that membership is billed monthly but members can cancel anytime. Disclosure that's short and sweet.
  • Just in case you didn't know, the ad reminds readers that Audible is part of the Amazon empire. And that means Audible members who have Kindles can take advantage of some synching and bundling options for books with audio and electronic versions.

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