Sunday, October 6, 2013

Quick! Who's Using Vine for Marketing?

Have you seen Vine? App-accessed via iPhone or Google Play, Vine is devoted to 6-second videos posted on Vine or on Twitter or Facebook.

Vine videos are bite-size, blink-and-you-miss it compared with YouTube videos, which now seem long-form because length is almost unlimited.

Of course marketers are already experimenting with Vine. General Electric is attracting attention with its #6secondscience Vine videos. Above, one of GE's Vines, mentioned by CNet as a "stellar example" of Vine medium. GE's chief marketing officer explains the reason for seeking buzz: "We are all emotional beings. We want context. We want relevance. We want connection." And Vine helps GE bring its brand to younger buyers.

Disney, which has 3 million Twitter followers and 45 million Facebook likes, recently jumped on the Vine bandwagon, with a contest asking visitors to post Vines of their Disney experiences (not just in the theme parks but also with the characters).

Other examples: Burberry edited a 15-minute fashion show down to 6-second highlights for Vine; Bacardi created 6-second "how to" videos about the making of a cocktail; Lowe's posted 6-second "how to" videos about home improvement projects.

Vine is attracting a cutting-edge community of faithful viewers. Before you join in, know your audience and know what you want to accomplish. Watch some popular Vines and look at the Vine accounts that have the highest number of followers. What can your brand do that would be relevant to the audience and true to your brand/marketing objectives?

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