Sunday, August 30, 2015

Burger King and the Burger "Peace"

Last week, Burger King used high-profile advertising to suggest to archrival McDonald's that they cooperate in a pop-up burger restaurant for Peace Day on September 21. Burger King suggested collaborating on a McWhopper for the occasion, mixing things up between the two chains' recipes. Proceeds would go to a peace charity.

McDonald's said no to the pop-up idea, as the tweet above (from the chain's FB page) shows.

But the social media possibilities were too much to resist, so Wayback Burgers and Denny's (burger shown here) both put themselves forward as Burger King's partners on Peace Day. So did Krystal, a chain known for its sliders.

The burger wars continue . . . even for Peace Day. Which chains will benefit most from the publicity?

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