Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Check the Pew Research Center For Marketing Background

Writing a marketing plan? Be sure to click to the Pew Research Center to see the latest info about trends in population shifts, household formation, consumer behavior, technology attitudes and usage, media consumption, and other aspects of the external marketing environment.
Pew Research Center data and graphics

Every marketer can benefit by exploring the variety of topics researched by this well-known and objective organization. Here are just four examples:
  • Wondering about where Millennials are living now that the recession is over? Pew says more are still at home with their parents--and that has important implications for businesses that sell home furnishings, mortgages, insurance, and other housing-related goods and services. See chart at right for a quick overview of the plateau in independent Millennial households.
  • Targeting Internet users? Remember that 15% of the U.S. population doesn't use the Internet. Pew examines this group here.
  • Reaching out to Hispanic Americans? Pew covers the world of Hispanic media here. This is a good overview of various media and vehicles, audiences, and issues to keep in mind for marketing communications.
  • Is the global middle class really growing? Pew discusses this complex topic here. If you're targeting emerging nations, you'll need to know that despite income increases, most people are still not enjoying a robust middle-class lifestyle.

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