Friday, August 21, 2015

Wake Up to Eggs with Bacon Campaign

"Nobody knows eggs better than Bacon, Kevin Bacon." That's only part of the ad copy written for the American Egg Board's campaign starring Kevin Bacon, aiming to increase consumption of eggs. Yes, that's the "Six Degrees of Separation" actor, Kevin Bacon.

Bacon is, of course, having its extended 15 minutes of fame as a star food of everything from donuts to ice cream and beyond. So having Kevin Bacon star in this egg-citing campaign makes egg-cellent sense. This celebrity endorsement is a clever way to attract attention and allow the target audience to smile along with the campaign. A positive attitude is a plus and adds to audience receptivity. Even the typeface of the headline adds to the humor, not to mention the ironic T-shirt that is all over the American Egg Board's popular social media accounts (see Twitter, with 25,000 followers, for example, and FB with 773,000 likes).

Clearly, the movie-star celebrity factor works in favor of the actor-matchup with bacon/Bacon  . . .  and if the American Egg Board can keep up the momentum, maybe "a side of Bacon" will become as recognizable as the "milk moustache" ads that were ended last year after two decades.

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