Friday, September 26, 2008

Another Stadium's Swan Song

History of Shea Stadium
August 15, 1965
The Beatles play at Shea
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Shea Stadium, home of the Amazin' Mets, is about to close forever. The team is already selling the old stadium seats on its Web site. Nostalgia marketing really works.

Browsing the "final season at Shea Stadium" page, I came across some historical milestones, including the Beatles concert. I bought a $15 ticket to that show from a friend but given my tender age, my parents wouldn't let me go--it meant more than an hour on the subway each way and they also knew that the Beatles were drawing hysterical mobs. In short, the concert was no place for a young girl.

Now if only I'd saved that ticket, which was intact and in perfect condition! But I was so disappointed, I threw the ticket away. Who knew it would be a collectors' item in just a few years?

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