Friday, September 12, 2008

Pepsi Battles False Rumors

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You've received an erroneous email about a "patriotic can" that Pepsi
allegedly produced with an edited version of America's Pledge of
Allegiance. The truth is, Pepsi never produced such a can. In fact,
this is a hoax that has been circulating on the Internet for more than
six years. A patriotic package used in 2001 by Dr Pepper (which is not
a part of PepsiCo) was inappropriately linked to Pepsi. Thanks for
giving us the chance to clarify the situation and please feel free to
share this message with anyone else who may have received the erroneous
email. Details of the hoax can be found at

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Pepsi's home page has a link (bottom left) to a "False Rumor Alert" correction, shown here. The rumor has been floating around the Web for years, yet it's a big enough deal for Pepsi to battle with e-mails and a home-page link to debunking info at Snopes.

Ignoring false rumors doesn't work. Companies have to jump in with corrections and lather, rinse, repeat as necessary.

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