Saturday, November 15, 2008

Goodbye Clamshell, Hello Friendly Packaging

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Packages You Won’t Need a Saw to Open
Today's NY Times reports that Sony and Microsoft, among other manufacturers, are finally doing away with those impenetrable plastic clamshell packages on electronics items. "Shrink" (aka shoplifting) is an undenial problem, as I know from my years in retail management. However, making 99.5% of the people suffer because of the thievery of .5% (I'm approximating here) doesn't make sense. Using cardboard or plastic packaging (with a zipper-like opening, perhaps, as the Times article noted) is more customer-friendly.

Last year I complained about how overpackaged the iPod is. Now have a similar complaint about the Samsung YP-K3 MP3 player. The itself player is very slick, light, tiny, and fun. It accepted a downloaded e-audiobook with no fuss at all. Its packaging, however, is reminiscent of the iPod. And of course, since it came (via DHL) from an electronics store, it was encased in clamshell plastic. Can't wait to say goodbye to the clamshell, an environmental nightmare as well as almost impossible to open without trauma to the product or the opener.

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