Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Quebec

Official web site of Qu├ębec City Tourism

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Quebec was founded 400 years ago and its yearlong birthday party has brought millions of tourists (including me) to this New France city. Most of the storefront businesses and restaurants sport the official 400th birthday graphics. Curiously, I found almost no birthday souvenirs--perhaps all sold out now that the celebration is drawing to a close?

The official tourism site has separate sections for visitors, meeting planners, travel professionals, and the media, recognizing that different groups are looking for different information. The videos and photos show both old and new city scenes but they can't convey the friendliness of Quebec's people. The exchange rate is more favorable for Americans than it has been for years--an advantage that the tourist site alludes to with a link to a foreign exchange calculator. Clever and practical at once.

Go and enjoy!

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