Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Marketing Opportunities in Unusual Places

Students who cheat--a profitable marketing opportunity?

The growth of services such as TurnItIn.com shows that yes, cheaters are creating a marketing opportunity.

Schools in the US and around the world want to level the playing field and stop plagiarism at the high school, college, and graduate levels.

Wesleyan has a full page here about its use of Turnitin and a description of the problem (which Turnitin has exploited as an opportunity). Cal State Fullerton describes its use of the service here. University of Alabama-Huntsville's Turnitin page, here, also includes links directed at students, explaining the nuances of what is and isn't considered plagiarism.

Turnitin (which is on Twitter and files some posts under #turnitin) offers a variety of products to help schools detect cheaters. One of its competitors is SafeAssign, offered by Blackboard, which many schools use. The bottom line: Profitable marketing opportunities can be found in unusual places.

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