Monday, December 27, 2010

McDonald's: Hungry for Global Growth

How can McDonald's build top-line revenues and bottom-line profits around the world? The dollar menu strategy has been helpful in attracting and retaining US customers during challenging economic times...but that's mainly a top-line effect. What's next?

  • To build repeat visits and encourage trading up, some McDonald's US franchisees are testing fancier (and slightly more costly) menu items.
  • The corporation is trying new decor in refurbished US restaurants for an updated look.
  • Novelty and convenience may draw customers: one McDonald's in Huntington, W. Va is installing electric-car recharging stations, the first in the US chain to do so.
  • McDonald's is investing in China to increase its business there.

2011 is likely to see McDonald's extend its market share and its profitability, thanks to constant product innovation and an international perspective.

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