Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Xerox's Real Business Campaign

For several months I've noticed Xerox's Real Business ads running in Fortune and other business publications. Today I clicked over to the Xerox campaign microsite and realized how fully integrated, interactive, and international this B2B campaign really is.

To show its capabilities in document management, finance and accounting, HR, customer care, and IT outsourcing, Xerox has assembled a series of video, print, and online testimonials featuring well-known global business customers such as P&G, Ducati, Target, and Marriott.

Although presenting these kinds of messages can be a challenge because of the amount of info to be conveyed and the varying media preferences and business needs of the audience, Xerox's ad agency, Y&R, did a masterful job, IMHO.

The print ads (such as the Marriott-featured ad, above) put the clients front and center, dramatize the business issues to be addressed, and explain how Xerox provided workable solutions. Another clever touch: The colors echo Xerox's logo red and reinforce the brand's visual image in a subtle way.

The TV ads and the interactive Xerox microsite pages are entertaining yet business-oriented, attracting audience attention, engaging the audience, effectively communicating what Xerox can do for a business--all the things a good B2B campaign should do. "Ready for Real Business"--the tag line--describes the campaign, as well.

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